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Learning the Tarot Advanced Course

Based on the transcendental game of Zen, the Osho Zen Tarot is a non-traditional deck of 79 cards. The Osho-Zen tarot card deck is a wonderful and highly evocative spiritual tool. These cards have a way of stirring the intuition upon first glance and promptly extracting the truth from any situation in question.

Discover the secret of Tarot…

It can take hours, weeks or months trying to learn Tarot cards on your own. In an interactive class, each card is discussed in depth – making it easier to learn and understand. Reading Tarot does not mean reading cards alone – it means finding the patterns. In the class, you are guided how to look for patterns and interpret them. The course is designed to help you to become Tarot Readers. The proficiency of a tarot reader also improves with practice. I Dr. Richa Chawla will help you start the journey.

Advanced Tarot

Deepen your knowledge of this ancient art of “soothsaying” for personal development or to work professionally. For graduates of the introductory level – Reading the Tarot, and for experienced Tarot readers who want to hone their craft.

The Major Arcana

Deepen your understanding of the 22 archetypal positions on the Soul’s Journey

The Minor Arcana

Deepen your understanding of the 56 cards, in four suits, that represent the human experience.


Using Significators

Create powerful, distance readings


Work professionally

Learn the best practices of skilled professional readers

Small classes

You’ll get the personal attention you need

Hone your skill

You’ll have access to facilitated practice opportunities

Become a professional reader

You’ll learn how to work effectively with clients

Develop your intuition

You’ll learn techniques to enhance your reading ability


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