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Counselling encourages us to balance out our thoughts and emotions in a safe, supportive and confidential environment. It enables you to speak openly and freely about what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing so that you can work through key issues with clarity. Counselling will not only help you to resolve any problems you are going through, but will ultimately provide you with the power and inner strength you need to overcome them.

Counselling is both supportive and creative…

Tarot psychotherapy works on the basis of individual state of mind. An individual’s state of mind depends upon experiences of his/her past life, past and present of his present life as well as fear of future too. His/her subconscious collective mind controls individual’s journey of life but conscious mind understands only primary functions. But hidden secrets of past life which are stored in mind as flashes of memories in the form of invisible hidden images creates an unknown fear in individuals mind and simultaneously affects decision making at particular time as a result sometimes they get confused. Such conditions bring a person in very low energy levels and make him highly depressed and stressed.

Tarot cards play a very important role in such condition and helps in awakening of such secrete of mind, opens all doors of human mind. Understanding & Mirroring of body, mind and soul through tarot cards counseling initiates Self Realization.

Tarot Counselling session contents:

SPECIALISED Tarot Counseling session which includes Tarot Reading, which can provide insight into a particular situation, current questions, past influences and reveal opportunities for growth. Rather than focusing on purely predictive readings, here the Tarot is used as an aid in understanding the circumstances and influences surrounding a given situation.


  1. Reader’s excellent counseling skill of explaining meaning of cards of particular spread which relates mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states of querent.
  2. Realization of strength and weaknesses
  3. Realization of individual potentials.
  4. Technique explains balancing of their state of mind
  5. Past life experiences and remedies needed to come out of it by realizing and following karmas of present life.
  6. Correction of elemental imbalances.
  7. Correction of negative karmas
  8. Finally showing them right path in right direction towards their success


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