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Business Tarot


Grow Your Tarot Business is a training program designed for people who want to take Tarot Reading professionally and who want to build a thriving (and inspiring) Tarot business.

Imagine you as the owner of a thriving Tarot business. A business where you are making a difference in people’s lives and doing what you love to do – helping and inspiring people.

A business where you are making a serious income because your customers truly value the work you do and they keep coming back for more.

A business where you feel confident and genuinely ‘good’ about what you are putting out into the Universe.

A business where you can work on your own terms and spend more time with your loved ones because you are so effective at what you do.

Here’s just a sample of what you will learn in the Grow Your Tarot Business program:

  • The most authentic (and often cost-free) strategies for marketing yourself and reaching the people you are here to serve
  • How to create compelling offers that your clients truly value and need
  • How to charge what your services are truly worth
  • Attracting not just any client but dream clients and turning them into raving fans
  • How to build a thriving community of like-minded souls
  • How to develop high growth strategies specific to your business for sustained success
  • How to set clear goals and intentions that align not just with financial success but with personal and spiritual success too
  • How to connect with your own Divine guidance to align your business strategies with your spiritual path
  • How to build a business that serves not only your clients but also YOU
Course Content
  • Knowledge of both Basic and Advanced Tarot Reading course (click here to link learning Basic and Advanced course page)
  • Advance Spreads of Tarot Crads
  • Personal Readings Practice
  • Phone Readings Practice
  • Angel Card Reading Attunement
  • Full Angel Reading Course (click here to link learning angle oracle card page)
  • Attunement to All Tarot Decks
  • Work professionally
  • Learn the best practices of skilled professional readers
  • Small classes
  • You’ll get the personal attention you need
  • Hone your skill
  • You’ll have access to facilitated practice opportunities
  • Become a professional reader
  • You’ll learn how to work effectively with clients.


Kit Includes
  • Rider waite tarot deck
  • Angel Card Deck
  • Osho Zen Deck
  • Wooden tarot box 1
  • Spread cloth
  • manuals
  • crystals to keep in box clear bags
  • pens
  • notebook
  • certificate


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